Silver Slippers, Take Me Home.


I forgot that I had these! This was Sigil’s second outing this summer and a bit shy this time around. But he soon relaxed and enjoyed himself :) I’ll have to get more pics soon, he’s gotten much bigger!

Simon Monroe/Kieren Walker moments: Say you like his jeans.



hades isn’t a badass. hades named his three-headed-guard-of-the-underworld-dog spot. hades whispers to his flowers to make them grow. hades grows fruit. there’s no sun in the underworld.

hades isn’t a badass. stop saying this false thing





She is so cute, why do people hate her so much?

(because she’s a black woman who doesn’t pander to the male gaze or take any shit and is just really fuckin awesome)

Nikki is a black woman who owns her own business and is making a name in a male dominated industrys but still feminine and that pisses people off lol

the truth hurts







A while ago whilst watching supernatural, I began to wonder about the burning-on-the-ceiling deaths and why on earth their stomachs bled, which then led to to the possible horrifying conclusion that the women targeted may have been pregnant at the time.

John and Mary had a baby but you never know, they could have accidentally made another

The woman who narrowly escaped this fate was part of a new family with a new baby and again there’s the possibility.

Finally there’s Jess, her and Sam would have had a sexual relationship and again there could have been a small moose growing in her tummy.

Obviously if this even a possibility the pregnancy would be just starting and unknown to the mother and father, but it would explain the whole bloody stomach thing

Or this may just be me putting more pain into an already painful situation


Okay but what if Sam thought of that too.

What if she planned to tell Sam when they got back? What if Sam already knew but pretended not to? Maybe..just maybe.. there was a excited Daddy to be, waiting for the moment where he can tell his son the heroic stories of the man he was named after… maybe, if Jess hadn’t died. In just a few years, Sam would be telling bed time stories to little Dean John Winchester.

While all of this is sad as all fuck, I just need to add one thing: Dean John Winchester is a terrible name. Sam would not Harry Potter his kid.

At first I was really really sad.. Then I laughed.


i wanted to draw animals but also itf fanart so have the two mixed together


i wanted to draw animals but also itf fanart so have the two mixed together


I was rewatching episodes of In the Flesh yesterday and it struck me just how different Simon-and-Kieran and Jem-and-Gary are when meeting the Walker parents. 

Right from the start, Simon is incredibly respectful to the walkers and does everything he can to get them to like him. He wears the coverup makeup that he hates, he greets Steve formally with a handshake and compliments his jeans, and at dinner he does his best to make polite small talk with Steve and Sue despite getting shot down pretty quickly. 

And then there’s Jem and Gary. Jem and Gary arrive unexpectedly halfway through lunch and are caught kissing on the porch when Steve goes to open the door. Jem states that Gary has come for lunch and there is no room for argument in her tone. Steve suggests that she gets changed before dinner but she quite rudely shuts him down. 

Throughout lunch Jem and Gary flirt quite openly, and don’t have to be at all cautious with their public displays of affection like Simon and Kieran do, and make some snide comments about the undeadness of the other young couple at the table. 

Gary is then incredibly rude (understatement of the century) persisting in telling- in grotesque detail- stories of how he killed “rabids- sorry, pds sufferers” (what a tosser) during the rising, despite multiple attempts by Steve and Sue and Kieren to change the subject. Then when Kieren gets angry and starts telling his own story back Simon tells him to “leave it”, to not make a scene. 

In contrast to Gary, Simon should seem like a saint. And yet, Steve and Sue are still distrustful of him, believing he is a bad influence on Kieren. 

"Did Simon put you up to this?"

"It’s just like before- some boy comes along and puts a spell on him."

I just- I really love this show it is so good. It is so good at portraying instances of homophobia, not just violent homophobia like that of Bill Macy, but casual homophobia, the kind displayed in otherwise good people like Steve and Sue. The casual prejudice that heterosexual couples never have to worry about or deal with.

In the Flesh is a very important show.

Many people, on meeting Simon for the first time, formed three impressions: that he was Irish, that he was intelligent, and that he was gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide.
Narration, 2x01 (via incorrectinthefleshquotes)